Reggie® Education Revolution Set For Schools (Press Release)

Reggie® Education Revolution Set For Schools (Press Release)

Reggie® Education Revolution Set For Schools (Press Release)

A new ‘app’ is revolutionising the way UK school’s manage registration.

Named ‘Reggie®,’ the new system has been developed by leading Cheshire based design agency GSD®, working with support services specialists Capita to ensure its compatibility with the existing registration database, SIMs, which is used by schools throughout the country.

“Having spoken to a number of schools about the way they manage registration, the inflexibility of the existing system quickly became apparent,” explained GSD® Managing Director Graham Shapiro. “Our challenge was to develop a new, cost effective ‘app’ that made school registration flexible, portable and, most importantly, compatible with the existing SIMs software.”

Enter ‘Reggie®’, which allows teachers to take the register both on and off site on their mobile phone/tablet device using a dedicated ‘app’ that works with both Apple and Android technology.

“What we have achieved with ‘Reggie®’ is to free registration from the traditional confines of the classroom, making it more flexible and immediate, without the administrative issues.

“Registration can now take place anytime and anywhere – not only in the classroom, but during outdoor activities, school trips or even fire evacuations, proving an invaluable tool in support of safeguarding” said Graham.

At a glance, the new app is:

  • Quick and easy to use
  • Fully integrated with Capita SIMS
  • Available on Apple iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad and Android
  • Accessible anytime in online or offline mode
  • Secure, with instant access to attendance data

Reggie® is also completely secure, working only with registered devices and requiring a log-in via username, password and school ID, with all data transmission fully SSL-encrypted.

The new app has already proven a hit with staff at Brine Leas School, Nantwich, where it has been on trial for the last 12 months.