‘Thank you to our schools for using Reggie® Education’

Herewith some of our school feedback (below)
We also have some great video testimonials

“We had been looking for a registration app for a while when we found out about Reggie®.” “We’ve had it for three months now and it’s been invaluable for our PE teachers as they are often based in various locations such as the leisure centre, changing rooms or out on a field when they need to take a register. It is much easier for them to carry their phone, allowing them to quickly take the register wherever, and then get on with the lesson.” Reggie’s simplicity and cost is brilliant.”
Staffordshire Secondary School
"Teachers find it easy to use and like being able to see the picture of the child against their name."
Highwood Primary School
"We find it very useful especially our PE teacher's who don't have a laptop they can take registers in the changing rooms very easily."
Blackburn Central High School
"We use it every day in all of our lessons and are very happy with it."
Joyce Frankland Academy
"For the price compared to other companies, it works well."
The Bewdley School
"The idea behind the App for outside registering is excellent"
Greenacre Academy
"It has been very useful to our PE staff to register pupils in their area of the school."
Ysgol Treffynnon
“Reducing the time teachers have to spend taking the register means more time for teaching. In an era when everyone is under pressure to deliver great results, that’s good news not just for students, but teachers too. The Reggie® app is incredibly quick and easy to use and takes full advantage of smartphone simplicity to free up hours of extra contact time over the school year. The fact Reggie® is available for both Apple and Android devices is the icing on the cake.”
Brine Leas School
“When I was a Head Teacher, time was and still is a very valuable commodity; Thanks to Reggie® being so efficient and easy to use, it allowed us to focus on maximising quality teaching time, and not on taking registers. The undeniable benefits of Reggie®, which is it's price and how easy it was for our teachers to use. Reggie® revolutionised the way we take our registers forever. This new version and it's enhancements are incredible for it's value.”
Rikki Harrison (ex Headteacher) Head of Education at IRIS Software Group